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 Retired Build #2

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PostSubject: Retired Build #2   Tue Nov 27, 2012 7:35 pm

A build i played 2 formats ago when wind ups first got the loop (never lost to it once)


1x BLS
2x Blackwing -Sirocco the dawn
2x Blackwing - Vayu the emblem of honnor
2x Chaos sorcerer
1x Dark armed dragon
2x Darkflare Dragon
2x Eclipse Wyvern
2x Ehren
1x Glow-Up bulb
1x Gorz
1x JD
2x Light pulsar Dragon
1x Lumina
2x Lyla
2x Necro guardna
1x Plaguespreader zombie
3x ryko
1x wulf


1x Burial
1x Charge
1x Foolish
1x Heavy
1x Reborn
2x MST
1x One for one
3x Solar Recharge
1x Soul release


1x Catastor
1x Ancient Fairy
2x B.Rose
2x Blackwing armed wing
1x blackwing armor master
1x brio
1x exploder dragonwing
1x stardust
1x thought ruler
1x Trish
1x Utopia
1x Utopia ray

(no side FTW)
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Retired Build #2
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