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 Announcements #3 Dark City and The Gauntlet

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PostSubject: Announcements #3 Dark City and The Gauntlet   Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:20 pm

The current roster is being thrown out after the current war is finished

We here at ANR have found it unfair to just pick our war roster without discussing it with anyone therefore from this point on anyone requesting to be on the war roster will have to go through "The Gauntlet" this test is designed to test your ability for wars this includes your over all skill, ability in tough situations, side deck, and how you play under pressure.

The Gauntlet will consist of 3 duels each one The challenger is allowed to use any deck and any side deck they please for each of these duels. The tester's however will be given a deck that they have no prior use of (meaning the build is not there's) and will play you using this deck (please note that the overseer will pick the deck and the tester). An overseer has to be present at all times during the duel for it to be considered legal. (the overseer's will be assigned)

Anyone who would wish to compete in wars need only apply and know that you don't necessarily need to "win" to earn a spot but it doesn't hurt your chances.

In addition i would like to pass things off to a Co-Leader of team Dark City for the remainder of this message.

DarkoNights: Hi everyone, ok this is how it is going to work for the moment, at this point in time our teams are not merged but are just cooperating with each other. This is kind of a test to even see if our teams are compatible for merge maybe at a later time but for the moment lets get off that topic.

Our team is here for a larger variety of training partners, we are always looking for people who know how to play decks and games like we've never seen and our previous war with your team was not only very fun but very good for training. Spirit suggested this team up as a way we can work together so not only can we all get training but you guys at ANR can play people in and outside "The Gauntlet" with our team. Welcome to the Dark City. Enjoy your stay.

TheWatchingSpirit: if you have any questions regarding any of this please direct them at me
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Announcements #3 Dark City and The Gauntlet
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