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 dat over-hyped mermail/atlantian deck.

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PostSubject: dat over-hyped mermail/atlantian deck.    Tue Nov 20, 2012 10:26 am

dont get me wrong, this deck is very good and can be quite the challenge to beat. so iv decided to post this to help aid those having trouble against this deck.

first off id like to go over what to side against this deck. the two biggest cards are soul drain and macro cosmos. those two cards kill this deck completely. but if those cards hurt you too much siding effect veiler and macc "c'" (if they are not already in the main) is very harmful to this deck. soul drain is an okay option against this deck but would be a last resort kind of thing. mind crush is another amazing side deck card which everyone should be using anyways, most of the meta decks search out cards and being able to make them neg (on average 1, but sometimes 2 and if your lucky 3) can be game changing, and the fact that you get to see their hand is just one more advantage you now have.

if you lose game one, game two and three will be all about keeping that macro or soul drain on the board no matter what. but for game one, one of the few ways to beat the deck is to out-plus them. this is harder done than said. also, to keep a slightly lower than normal board prescience, but dont be afraid to keep monster of the board (most mermail decks only run two heavy infantry and two or three marksman - so make sure to not set too often or you will pay for it) but on that note, at the same time, most of the decks run two salvage just for the fact that the card is a huge plus for that deck (so i guess d.d. crow wouldnt be a bad side card, but its wouldnt be my first option) also at all times make sure to keep track of the water count in their grave, and try to force them into a situation where you can torential tribute or mirror force them so they go from a water count of 3-4 to 6+ , because the fact that they can search out the boss monster whenever they feel like it is scary and tough to deal with (and if you are really afraid of this deliquent duo effect you could side gemini imps - because some of the decks also run water art - aio and mind crush)

i have been play testing this deck for a good two weeks now and have come up with a very solid version. and one of the things i have noticed is if you can keep the deck under control for about 3-5 turns then the deck loses, it can run out of gas very quickly and can be quite unforgiving to the user when in top deck mode. early game solemn warning, effect veiler, or bottomless trap hole can sometimes kill this deck all together.

if you have any more impute on the deck or would like to comment on what i have said feel free to do so. i hope this information was some what useful to you, and as always, have a god day.

also i dont really proof read these things, i just kinda type what comes to mind and hope it all works out. thats just a friendly warning if the post has spelling errors or repeats itself
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dat over-hyped mermail/atlantian deck.
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