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 Rules for Trading

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PostSubject: Rules for Trading    Mon Nov 19, 2012 4:32 am

So these be the rules...PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THEM

1. All users are allowed to have a single trade book
• When listing cards please specify Spell, Trap, Monster.
• Condition of the card: Mint, damaged, played etc.
• Rarity of the card: Ghost, Secret, Super etc.
• The set number: RYMP-EN082
Ex. Macro Cosmos: Mint, Super rare, RYMP-EN082

1. We are not responsible for any lost post, so please trade at your own risk.

2. Please do not re post your trade books, if you wish to make changes edit the OP accordingly.

3. Each trade must be completed within a 4 week period, failure to do so may result in negative feed back.

4. The person with the lowest refs will always send first. if both traders have the same amount of refs then both send at the same time unless agreed otherwise

5. It is always a good idea to get proof of postage in case things go missing (this is required if things do go missing as proof of one sending something out) Failure to show proof may also result in negative feedback

6. both parties will be able to opt for a mod trade(where each person sends the stuff to a mod here and he/she will send out when both trades are received) this will of course take more time and cost a little extra, but can also provide some extra security. to do this you will need to send your stuff with either money for postage or stamps that cover the postage

7. All specific sections are for the country in which the trader’s reside so we don’t have to pay for air fare (your more than welcome to trade cross country if you like but we are not responsible for lost cards or the cost of shipping)

8. you must have a Haves and Wants list of atleast 10 things, this can include money and other things

9. When a trade is being progressed please specify in the forums as such.

10. If a user does not trade fair the results will be an imitate ban from the forum and from the team.

Ex. Trade was a Macro Cosmos Mint super rare for a Solemn Warning Mint Super rare and the one of the users gets the incorrect card or the non-specified rarity or a heavily damaged card when the card condition was to be mint.

11. Any questions regarding this section are to be directed at Easm in the event he is unavailable ask Me
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Rules for Trading
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