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 Announcements #1

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PostSubject: Announcements #1   Mon Nov 19, 2012 3:32 am

1st: as of now we are working on our war roster and once confirmed will be ready to take war challenges shouldn't be longer than a few days

2nd: Almost all our members have gone through a retest lets get these last few out of the way!

3rd: please make sure to follow all forum rules as well as any and all rules concerning you rank.

4th: New user bars to come! please make sure when and if you use them to give a shout out to Cuts!

5th: New team Trade section has been added please make sure to read all rules before making a thread and know we are not responsible for any card lost/stolen so Trade at your own risk.

6th: Idea for the forum, if you have an idea for the forum or want to contribute please message me with your idea!
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Announcements #1
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