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 What is philosophy?

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PostSubject: What is philosophy?   Fri Nov 16, 2012 6:08 pm

I was wondering today at 1am (yeah I almost don't sleep (yeah, it's unhealty (yeah, who makes double parentesis? (I mean triple (oh nvm))))).....

....what could people possibly think about what philosophy is? or what subjects does it talk about? any subject? or just some subjects? how does philosophy treat them?

I have my thoughts about philosophy, but I want to see YOUR thoughts about what philosophy is. Is it important? and, how so?

Feel free to say whatever you think about "what is philosophy". See you later when I come back. I'm curious.

I don't want you to google it and play smart-ass. I want your sincere opinion. Google it if you want in case you don't have an opinion about it, but do it to create your own opinion and not to copy-paste the opinion of the guys who wrote the philosophy article at wikipedia for example.

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What is philosophy?
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