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 Just a tale.

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PostSubject: Just a tale.   Thu Nov 15, 2012 7:26 pm

I decided once to make a short tale. Here it is. I hope you readers enjoy it.

It is called Ian.

ok, ok, it's "short" for some people.

Warning: No yugioh content, just in case if you are expecting to read a yugioh fanfic xD. Maybe some other day I write a yugioh fanfic and post it here.

Advise!: This may have offensive content for some people. It has offensive language and violence.

Viewer discretion is advised. (This tale is not a big deal in violence but you never running around and I don't want a mom or a dad or any parental guardian hating me).


There is a story of a man named Ian. Just a few people know it, for he became a nobody. But let's be realistic, no one can become a nobody. Ian was a man who ended up living in an alley of a big city. He is one of those men who live accompanied just by solitude and echoes. In this alley, he was constantly getting visitors that weren't very friendly. For example, those guys who empty pockets at night. Of course, they didn't relinquish anything from Ian. What could they steal besides his misery? Every night, raiders drifted there with their victims. Some to steal, others to murder, and others to give nightmares to innocent and beautiful women, if you know what I am talking about.

Ian only used to eat remainings from a restaurant next to the alley and even from dog food, street dogs. Living this life makes you reach a point where you desire to eat something else, something real, at least once in your life. Not a licked up bone from the fat guy who just crossed the street. This is where tragedy then struck Ian, just for a simple act of desperation, but criminal for the law.

Ian was sleeping, but never rested, because it is maybe a bit difficult to do so when one sleeps in paviment with a cardboard box. Morning sounds started to wake up Ian, cars, people's step in the wet sidewalk. Splashes everywhere. The five of the morning sun lit Ian's wasted face. Had a scar that came right from his right eye down to his neck. Who knows what kind of accident, or fight he had. Each scar is a whole story. He opened his dark brown eyes, almost black. Genetics seems to be his only friend, for he had a good shaped body. Looked pretty tough and strong for his age and state. He was 40 years old and looked like a vigorous 25 year old man, except for his kind of grown facial hair. Didn't have a beard, but, looked like he used to shave his face with a knife once in a while. He also had a nice amount of fiber in his whole body if you want to know. Looked like an organic armor. No fat. Had some scars in his body. Looked like he have lived a tough life. His only clothing was a bluejeans, a tad torn and a bit dirty. Shirtless exposing his muscles. He stood up from the dirty paviment and smelled something that stabbed his stomach. Damn was he hungry. He watched outside the alley and there it was a bakery with the most delicious, warm, and exquisite smell of fresh-made bread.

He started to walk to the bakery, he was nervous, his eyes seemed like they were going to pop out. He was about to do something that could lead him to even more misery, if caught. He walked in front of the bakery. It was open, and inside were four bread rolls fresh from the oven. The baker was reading the newspaper. Ian entered silently to the bakery. Each step was mute. If he was heard, it could be the end, that's how he looked it. He knew the consequences that could bring by stealing. Breaking the rules, Ian made his way into the bakery, each time closer to the bread rolls, each step made his legs tremble. His eyes, focusing on two things, the bread, and the baker. His sight danced from one side to the other. Until he reached his destiny, at last, the bread is in front of him. He just had to take them, but he forgot something, the way back. He didn't know if he had to run like a mad man or if he also needed to get out silently. He took two bread rolls. And just when he was turning around...

-"Mister Frank! Is the bread ready?" said a loud voice of a man entering the place. The baker turned around with his newspaper in hand and sighted Ian who was holding two bread rolls. Ian froze and the Baker yelled -"Dirty rat! Leave that bread there now!" while he started to walk right to him. Ian reacted and started to run outside the place. Ian ran like a deranged. The baker started to chase Ian, however the baker was too big and too slow to catch Ian. It looked like if Ian's lungs were godlike. Ian turned in the next block and there were two cops, behind Ian the baker was yelling -"Someone catch him!" and that's how the cops started to chase Ian. Ian seemed to be escaping, he ran around the whole block and then he managed to hide again in his bad smelling but safe alley. and introduced himself into a trashcan. He felt safe in there. And besides, it was just a bread roll, not the president's wallet. Ian was happy, eating his bread, chewing it, biting it. He was crying down frome pleasure. Eating glory.

Just when he was about to make his second chew, the trashcan got open.

-"Here he is!" Said a voice.
-"Ha! No rat will run away and succeed" said the voice of the baker.
The cop took Ian by force out of the trashcan, his little home, and smashed him into a wall making him to drop the bread into the dirt. Then Ian got handcuffed. The steel was cold. -"I hope he doesn't get any closer again or else I will catch him myself!" Insisted the baker, in an explosion of braggering. Bragging for nothing. Bragging for catching a mere person, who was just starving, someone who just wanted a bread roll. Someone who just wanted to eat nice for once in his miserable life. Ian then got thrown into the police car by the two cops. But he still kept his cool. Serious, tenacious, not scared. Almost like if all his nervousness was sweat in the persuit.

Ian was inside the questioning room. Sitting in the cold steel chair. With a cold steel table. Just like the freezing gaze he was getting from the woman in front of him. A tall one, straight short hair, in which it was blacker than a moonless night. Pointed nose. Tight lips that moved to say:
-"I never thought I would meet you again this way....Officer Mason. Ian Mason."
-"I am none of that anymore, as you can see I am just a starving criminal"
-"Mister Ma..."
-"Don't place titles to the name please"
The woman, standing threw a folder to the table and said:
-"You committed an unforgettable crime some time ago"
-"What...being hungry?
-"Murdering a man in a high political rank, don't play dumb with me, I said some time ago."

There was a silence that haunted the room for twenty seconds, until Ian interrupted it saying hoarsely:
-"...he got to die"
-"Ian Mason. Could it be that you think you are God? Do you think you can judge who should die and who shouldn't?
-"Officer Carmen Ivy. Are all of you, officers, gods to be able to order your uniformed minions who they should kill?
-"Ian Mason, you do not understand how things work in the world"
-"I understand it perfectly. And that's why I won't try to comprehend it ever."
-"If that is your final answer, then I think we can finish this already"
-"I don't know why you waste your time in stupid conversations"
Officer Ivy suddenly hit the floor with her leather boots and yelled: -"Take him!". Three uniformed men entered to take Ian, and then officer Ivy said:

-"Your offense of murder was forgiven by the prosecution, mister Ian Mason, by hiding the case from the public. This time no one will save you, remember, I am an officer, and a prosecutor, a whole woman of justice and I am the one in charge to asure you will be given the deserved death penalty. I won't be soft with you. While I am in charge of things, no one mocks the autorithy neither the law, in which it is absolute, true and just. Ian Mason, tomorrow at first hour of the morning you will be executed at the electric chair. Killing a deputy is not a thing that can be taken lightly, doesn't matter what. Justice is blind for these things."
-"It isn't blindfolded justice".
Carmen Ivy didn't answer and she just remained silent while he was been taken.

Ian got his inmate clothing. Orange jumper and now he was number 6606, almost labeled as "the beast". As he was being taken through the corridor to his cell, a lot of convicted men turned around to see him. The fallen officer. Ian Mason. Once feared by criminals. Now has fallen into the dark side and turned into a convict. One more prisoner into the list. When the guards placed him inside his cell, from the shadows came a small man kind of short, bald, with a curious sight, but with some mania. He said -"Wh-wh-who, who'a joo?" -"Your cell companion" answered Ian.

Ian sat down in one of the two beds in there, and then the strange man sat next to him, and asked
-"joo wan'me to tell a-a story?"
-"Th-th-th-that if'joo wan'me to tell yo why I'm in jail"
-"Sure, tell me". Answered Ian, very resigned.
-"I raped Marcela Vega"
-"And...who is Marcela Vega?"
-"My g-my g-girlfriend, I mean, ex-ex-ex girlfriend"
-"I see"
Ian started to gaze at the floor, like wanting to smash it with his look. And then he turned his head to the weird studder man and said
-"I killed a demon"
-"Wha!? Then they exist!?"
-"Of course...demons exist, and they own the world"
-"Own it?"
-"A bunch of demons that eat bills"
-"They eat bills!?"
-"They do, yes."
-"Stop foookin with me! Tell me what you did!"
The maniac starting to stare at Ian, shaking his head and pupils, this time looked like a real maniac. He was intrigated, started sweating, he didn't understand. Ian then decided to explain:
-"It was long ago, I was an officer back then. All this was just because of everything a man can do when he is in love. Lourdes Portugueze was her name. She lived alone at a nice and warming house. Medium class. Her husband died from a heart attack. So Lourdes received an allowance from the governemnt, because her husband was a military man. So she lived good. But still, she used to work at a bakery. By coincidence, it was my casual bakery, where I used to buy my daily bread. So I always used to look at her, and let myself be bewitched in her grace, drawing a smile on my face. Such luck that no one else has, to see an angel bake your bread. We waved at each other, we talked to each other. We were very good friends. But to that same bakery came a deputy that was also the chief prosecutor. His name? Gordon Zipper. Gordon used to show some interest in Lourdes too, since she was a gifted woman and a beautiful face. Deep endless honey eyes. Curly hair almost red. And the fact that she worked at a bakery just for pleasure, made her even more appealing.

One day, I go to buy bread as always, but this time, I coudln't see any bread on sale. And I heard someone cry silently. I got closer to the counter and there was Lourdes at the floor, with her cheeks totally wet from her bitter tears. I interrogated her immediatly to realize that Gordon blackmailed her, obligating her to live with him and also to marry him, or else, he would remove her allowance doing some dirty political tricks. He also managed to do a lawsuit to her bakery. Don't ask me how or why. Again I say, he did it with more dirty tricks that only high ranked politicians can do. I got totally pierced straight into my heart. Me, full of hatred deep in my soul. I walked into Gordon Zipper's office. Not thinking, not seeing. Just feeling my heart getting torn into pieces for watching a wonderful woman being destroyed just like that. I yelled at him about what he did, we discussed like dogs and cats. But Gordon's final words were: "I am CHIEF PROSECUTOR! And a DEPUTY! Including some other minor occupations I have, I am almost a god, I do whatever I want to." I coudln't resist those words, so I picked the knife from my right boot and stabbed Gordon, right in the forehead to kill all his dirty ideas. Easy death. Suddenly someone entered the office. It was Lourdes. I was next to Gordon's corpse, knife in hand, with his blood flowing through it. Lourdes had a gun in her hand. She fell on her knees, paralyzed. I made her job before her. She was also planning to kill Gordon Zipper. We both were shocked. After that, I decided to confess my sin. A sin I don't regret doing. Luckily for me, the prosecutor in charge of that murder decided to forgive me thanks to my Officer rank at the police and because he knew the kind of scumbag Gordon Zipper was. However, I got relinquished from my officer title at the foce and lost my job. The government also took a fine of all my capital and belongings. Even my house. And then I became an indigent. A bum of the streets. And if I would commit any other crime, no matter how simple it would be, I would be penaltied with death. And I did it, I stole two bread rolls. So now I am sentenced to death. All this was two years ago. I never saw Lourdes again, and she never saw me neither."
-"So joo will die'wen?" Asked the maniac
-"I am scheduled to die tomorrow...or so they say".

It was now 2:00am. A guard was on patrol, checking the cells as he walked the corridor. Ian, very tenacious, managed to grab the keys the guard had in his belt. He opened the cell, and struck right into the guard's neck and fell to the floor. Ian took the guard's uniform and wore it himself. A temporal disguise would do no harm. He walked outside the cell room. He started to just walk outside the police station. But then, someone spotted him just when he was passing through the exit -"Ian Mason! He is escaping is wearing the guard's uniform!" The guard who spotted him smashed the alarm. But it was too late already. Ian disappeared in the shadows of the city. He brought with him some money taken from the police station. He then took a bus, who knows where it was going. He was just escaping. Was it a good idea to get the bus? Maybe yes, maybe not. But these people won't know he is a convict after they watch the news in the morning. The bus travelled for five hours. Meaning that it went far far away. Once the bus reached the station. Ian hopped down and started to look for a place to hide, in which he did. It was an empty territory with high grass. The bus left him at some kind of rural town surrounded by cliffs, mountains and all kind of fauna. He got in there and became invisible. But, was this real freedom? To fear everyday to be found? To be afraid of being spotted, to be afraid of sleep?

In the end, Ian fell asleep. But what a mistake. He opened his eyes, to see all the territory's grass being cut down. And then see Carmen Ivy walking to him. She said: -"No one escapes law's claws, inmate 6606, please, stick to the consequences of committing crime, if you really want to play to the super hero". Ian closed his eyes in pain and said...-"You win..."

She ordered three cops that were with her to take him into the police van.The cops tied up his arms. And made him walk to the van. It seemed like the end. The world was too big for Ian, but too small for the law. Until someone shot a gun out of nowhere. Ian was not tied up anymore and he knocked down a cop with a strike into the head with a gun he suddenly had in his hand, and shot to the leg the other two cops. Some blood splashed to the ground. Carmen Ivy then froze, she didn't have any weapon on her, and Ian said while aiming at her with a gun -"I won't be caught easily....Officer Ivy. Let's play a game. I challenge you to catch me. Show me how absolute is the law of which you talk so much. And by the way, train your cops better. They need to be more careful in not letting their guns be robbed. It was easier than stealing a candy from a kid". He ran right into a forest that was next to the territory he was hiding. Getting lost from sight. Carmen Ivy's pride was smashed into the ground. Carmen Ivy then yelled to the forest: -"I swear I will get you, Ian Mason!"

-The end
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Just a tale.
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