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 Fiam's fanfic.

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Should the fanfic continue? (PS : Need a fanfic name)
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PostSubject: Fiam's fanfic.   Fri Nov 02, 2012 10:13 pm

"As of today, dueling has improved far beyond the expectations of it. Indeed, advanced techniques made their apparition and pierced their way
into the highest level, but of course, it's also being used for criminal acts.
Oh. and my name's Lionel by the way."

- ??? - 8:00AM -

*Lionel Wakes up*

- Yo! Leo!
- Ah. Hello Aaron.
- Ready for another day of class?

"Meet Aaron, my dorm mate at duel academy, he's kinda oblivious to almost anything around him, and only cares about what he thinks, but deep down, he's pretty nice.

- As always.

*Lionel and Aaron gets out of their dorm*

- Man, I wish they put more classy dorms... I mean. Stardust is nice, but we can have more I think.

"Yes. the dorms are named after famous duelists cards, such as Stardust Dragon, Yusei Fudo's favourite monster. There are dorms named after the Dark Magician, the Blue-eyes white dragon.
Elemental HERO Neos, Our dorm, Stardust. Number 39 : Utopia, And the Dark Hole Dorm.
Now that system wasn't like the ranking system of the previous eras. The dorm system is set up to match our dueling style.

~ Duelists with Offensive potential would usually end up in Blue-eyes.
~ Defensives would go in Utopia.
~ Extras would go with Neos.
~ Spell and Traps are in Dark Magician.
~ And us stardusts are duelists abusing effects.

Oh. I forgot to mention, the Dark Hole Dorm...
It's for duelists who haven't found their dueling style yet."

- Don't protest, you're here because you were meant to be.
- True enough leo, well, let's get to class.

- Duel Academy, Main building. - 9:00AM -

- Leo, class started, any ideas what we should do today?

"What Aaron meant by class, is complicated. to be honest, we're free to do anything we want in the campus.
As long as it involves duels and doesn't break the rules."

- How about we watch a duel of one of the 5 Crusaders?

"The 5 crusaders. also known as : the leaders of the dorms, Holy Duelists, and The academy's gods.
Their level is unmatched by most of the duelists here, teachers included. Almost everyone dreams of dueling a crusader now."

- Right, who do you want to watch?
- Let's go for the Blue-Eyes leader.

- Duel Academy, Video room - 9:15 AM -

*Lionel prepares foodstuff whereas Aaron puts in the CD*

- Are you sure you wanna watch leo? I mean, he IS gonna win, and we both know that.
- Yes. That will tell us about his strategy. Knowing he's the Blue-Eyes leader doesn't lead us anywhere.

*Most of the duel passes until the endgame*

- It was a waste of time.
- Don't say that leo. he's just too strong.

- Powertool Dragon!! Attack his lifepoints directly!!
- Daniel D. Morrison wins!!

"the holy crusaders, they MUST have something."

- Right, we better get to train too.
- Alright Leo.

*Both exits the room when Lionel bumps into someone and falls on the ground*

- Whoops, I didn't see you. are you alright?

*Lionel glances*

- ... I'm fine, Daniel D. Morrison...
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PostSubject: Re: Fiam's fanfic.   Fri Nov 02, 2012 10:45 pm

Should totally add me as a character. XD I kid... Maybe.

Anyway, I'll post a title suggestion soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Fiam's fanfic.   Sat Nov 03, 2012 5:48 am

ya know it just so happens that i am going to school to become a screen writer/ director/ video production major. next time you make a segment id be happy to look it over for you.
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PostSubject: Re: Fiam's fanfic.   Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:50 pm

I always support the will of exploding creativeness...

so I will say: what are you waiting for?? Go on!! More episodes!!!

show us what your mind is made of!!

At least, you have me now as a new fan. Bring more episodes! >8D
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PostSubject: Re: Fiam's fanfic.   

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Fiam's fanfic.
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