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 rulings/plays the average player may not know

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PostSubject: rulings/plays the average player may not know   Wed Oct 24, 2012 12:57 pm

i made this to help our team become more knowledgeable and hopefully help improve the game of some members (not calling any of you bad players). maybe this topic will become its own topic section one day but for now putting under other seemed best *cough rose cough*

today i would like to go over and talk about Replacement effects. this kind of effect is a sub-category of continuous effects that can be recognized as such by the word "instead" - usually towards the end of a sentence.
i want to talk about replacement effects because few players know about this and more and more of them are becoming a part of the game and knowing about this kind of ruling can lead to a game changing decision/play.

Question: "what is a replacement effect?"
Answer: a replacement effect is an effect that is continuous but seems to be used and activated. the most important thing to remember about a replacement effect is that IT DOES NOT START A CHAIN!
(only a ":" or a ";" in the card text can lead to a chain)

now i would like to list some monsters that have Replacement effects:
Archlord Krystia
wind-up zenmaines
gachi gachi
legendary six samurai shinai

and now some monsters that cannot negate replacement effects(this is the important part!):
Evolzar Dolkka
Light and Darkness Dragon
Divine Wrath
Doomcaliber Knight
Gladiator Beast War Chariot
Herold of Orange Light

i hope you found this information to be useful and remember, replacement effects DO NOT START A CHAIN i cannot stress that enough. also if you have anymore cards to add to either list please feel free to share.
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PostSubject: Re: rulings/plays the average player may not know   Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:40 pm

Dimensional Fisure and Macro cosmos are a spell and a trap with replacement effects.

Dimensional fissure banishing monsters instead of sending them to the graveyard and macro cosmos banishing any card instead of going to the graveyard. Both are replacement effect once activated.

This means you can't activate a card that has as a cost or requirement to be sent to the graveyard or discarded to the graveyard.

For example: Hecatrice's effect cannot be activated if dimensional fissure or macro cosmos (or banisher of the radiance) is on the field since the cost is to be discarded specifically to the graveyard...

For some of you this may be like super-ultra basic but, I've have a lot of problems of this type even at my local's events.
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PostSubject: Re: rulings/plays the average player may not know   Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:27 pm

Thanks for the help Fader.
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PostSubject: Re: rulings/plays the average player may not know   

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rulings/plays the average player may not know
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